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Colditz: Name, Rank and Number (S1EP3 BBC One 2 Nov 1972, Nigel Stock)



Picture of Colditz Name

Name, Rank and Number: The bruised and unconscious body of submariner Lieutenant Dick Player is washed up on a beach somewhere in France. He is wearing plain clothes and speaks fluent German, which makes his captors believe he may be a spy. He escapes from the hospital where he is taken to recover but is recaptured and interviewed by the Gestapo. Player had once lived in Germany as the son of a diplomat and manages to get to speak to a childhood friend – now an important government official who offers Dick a chance to work with a plot to overthrow Hitler, but at a price.

Regular Cast: Robert Wagner (Flight Lieutenant Phil Carrington), Edward Hardwicke (Captain Pat Grant), David McCallum (Flight Lieutenant Simon Carter), Jack Hedley (Lieutenant Colonel Preston), Christopher Neame (Lieutenant Dick Player), Richard Heffer (Captain Tim Downing), Peter Penry Jones (P. O. Muir), Bernard Hepton (Kommandant), Grahame Mallard (Lieutenant Lehr), Paul Chapman (Captain George Brent)

Guest Cast: Nigel Stock, John Quentin, Terrence Hardiman, David Garfield, Edward Kelsey, Tim Meats

Writer: Arden Winch / Director: Peter Cregeen

Original Airdate: 2 Nov 1972 on BBC One
Series: Colditz Season 1 Episode 3