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Colditz: Odd Man In (S2EP3 BBC One 21 Jan 1974, Ian McCulloch)



Odd Man In: A pair of caught French escapers bring back information that would greatly aid any escape attempt and Simon starts to devise a way of communicating with London – but it depends on his wife Cathy being able to understand a complicated code. At the same time a new prisoner – Page – seems to be a bit vague on facts and there is suspicion that he may not be all he appears to be.

Regular Cast: David McCallum (Flight Lieutenant Simon Carter), Jack Hedley (Lieutenant Colonel Preston), Anthony Valentine (Major Horst Mohn), Christopher Neame (Lieutenant Dick Player), Richard Heffer (Captain Tim Downing), Peter Penry Jones (P. O. Muir), Bernard Hepton (Kommandant), Grahame Mallard (Leitenant Lehr), Paul Chapman (Captain George Brent), Hans Meyer (Hauptmann Ulman)

Guest Cast: Ian McCulloch, Joanna David, Edward Underdown, Michael Elwyn, David Allister, Lawrence Davidson, Peter Winter

Writer: Arden Winch; designed by Barrie Dobbins / Director: Terence Dudley

Original Airdate: 21 Jan 1974 on BBC One
Series: Colditz Season 2 Episode 3