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Colditz: Senior American Officer (S2EP9 BBC One 4 Mar 1974, Robert Wagner)



Picture of Colditz Senior American Officer.

Senior American Officer: A trio of Americans arrive at Colditz to join the solitary US inmate, Jim Phipps – but his suspicions are aroused when he sees the newcomers getting access to American newspapers and better provisions and despite the fact that there is a familiar face, the British wonder if in fact they are housing a German trained fifth column.

Regular Cast: David McCallum (Flight Lieutenant Simon Carter), Jack Hedley (Lieutenant Colonel Preston), Anthony Valentine (Major Horst Mohn), Christopher Neame (Lieutenant Dick Player), Richard Heffer (Captain Tim Downing), Peter Penry Jones (P. O. Muir), Bernard Hepton (Kommandant), Grahame Mallard (Leitenant Lehr), Paul Chapman (Captain George Brent), Hans Meyer (Hauptmann Ulman)

Guest Cast: Robert Wagner (Flight Lieutenant Phil Carrington), Dan O’Herlihy, Al Mancini, Garrick Hagon, Malcolm Stoddard, Nicholas McArdle, Alan Tucker, Joby Blanshard, George Pravda

Writer: Ivan Moffat / Director: Philip Dudley

Original Airdate: 4 Mar 1974 on BBC One
Series: Colditz Season 2 Episode 9