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Colditz: Welcome to Colditz (S1EP4 BBC One 9 Nov 1972, Christopher Neame)



Picture of Colditz Welcome to Colditz.

Welcome to Colditz: Colditz gets a new senior British officer, Colonel Preston (Jack Hedley). (The previous senior British officer, Major Donaldson is referred to in this episode but never seen). On his arrival he witnesses a futile escape attempt by Flight Lieutenant Carter and when the Kommandant meets him, he believes Preston is a man of honour who he can deal with. The colonel’s new orders that seem to be appeasing the Germans cause conflict and dissension in the ranks, but there is method in the colonel’s madness, which could come unstuck when a Polish officer decides to escape.

Regular Cast: Robert Wagner (Flight Lieutenant Phil Carrington), Edward Hardwicke (Captain Pat Grant), David McCallum (Flight Lieutenant Simon Carter), Jack Hedley (Lieutenant Colonel Preston), Christopher Neame (Lieutenant Dick Player), Richard Heffer (Captain Tim Downing), Peter Penry Jones (P. O. Muir), Bernard Hepton (Kommandant), Grahame Mallard (Lieutenant Lehr), Paul Chapman (Captain George Brent)

Guest Cast: Alec Wallis, James Taylor, Martin Howells, Derek Ware

Writer: N. J. Crisp / Director: Michael Ferguson

Original Airdate: 9 Nov 1972 on BBC One
Series: Colditz Season 1 Episode 4