Colin from Accounts Bubbly Sophie (FOX8 Sunday 11 December, 2022)



Colin from Accounts

Today Sunday 11 December, 2022 the show Colin from Accounts airs a new episode called Bubbly Sophie.

After their awkward sexual encounter, Ash and Gordon start to drift apart.

With Patrick Brammall (Gordon), Harriet Dyer (Ashley), Genevieve Hegney (Chiara), Emma Harvie (Megan), Michael Logo (Brett), Helen Thomson (Lynelle),


Today, Sunday 11 December, 2022, the episode Bubbly Sophie airs at 7.35pm on FOX8.

Season 1 Episode 4

The story revolves around Ashley and Gordon, two complex, solitary-ish people who are brought together by a car accident and a hurt dog. As they navigate life together, flawed, humorous individuals choose one another and are courageous enough to reveal their true selves, scars and all.

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