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Come Dine With Me: Bristol Day 4 (Channel 4 Thurs 4 Nov 2021)



On the fourth night in Bristol, can banking assistant Shumin impress her guests with her authentic vegan Bangladeshi banquet and an added splash of Bollywood?

With a range of sensational spicy dishes to tantalise, or maybe traumatise, her guests’ taste buds, Shumin really heats things up when she throws in a side of one of the world’s hottest chillies – Naga – to accompany her main.

Some of her guests embrace the Bollywood dress theme, but Carla is less than impressed with Chris’s bad jokes. Will Shumin’s spicy extravaganza heat up the leaderboard, or will her chances go up in smoke?

Prod/Dir: Anya Browne; Series Prods: Emma Ford, Zinia Scroggs; Series Editor: Henry Hainault; Prod Co: ITV Studios

Airdate: Thursday 4 November 2021 at 5.30pm on Channel 4.