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Come Dine With Me: East Midlands Day 3 (Channel 4, Wed 10 Nov 2021)



Hoping to finish the week a grand better off is the third host, pharmacy technician Amy, who serves up an Asian extravaganza curry.

There’s shock news about a missing guest, some dodgy dancing and bum implant banter. And as the evening draws to a close, a rude remark leaves one guest open-mouthed and another with a foot firmly implanted in theirs.

Can Amy keep a lid on proceedings and do enough to win the prize?

Prod/Dir: Rob Jones; Series Prods: Emma Ford, Zinia Scroggs; Series Editor: Henry Hainault; Prod Co: ITV Studios

Airdate: Wednesday 10 November 2021 at 5.30pm on Channel 4.