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Come Dine With Me: Oxford Day 2 (Channel 4 Tues 16 Nov 2021)



It’s the second night of the competition from Oxford and is the turn of PhD student Kin to host. He’s hoping his Asian-inspired menu and ‘lucky red’ theme will bag him the cash.

Kitchen designer Jess grapples with the chopsticks, not that host Kin is any better, while philosophy teacher Alex can’t stomach the soy pudding dessert. But when Kin forgets the marinade for his pork, everyone is left with dry meat. Kin then decides to show off his table tennis prowess.

Fundraiser Monica isn’t too bad, but when retired teacher Lyn takes the bats, it’s a case of face-hit than face-off, as she fires balls at host Kin’s head. Will the quickfire ping pong match be enough to score his way to the thousand-pound prize?

Prod/Dir: Chris Smithson; Series Editor: Henry Hainault; Series Prods: Zinia Scroggs, Emma Ford; Prod Co: ITV Studios

Airdate: Tuesday 16 November 2021 at 5.30pm on Channel 4.