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Come Dine With Me: Oxford Day 3 (Channel 4 Wed 17 Nov 2021)



It’s the third night of the competition from Oxford and the turn of kitchen designer Jess to host. Jess is cooking her guests a sophisticated menu and has asked them to come as their favourite famous idols, hers being Britney Spears!

Fundraiser Monica opts for the man in black himself, Johnny Cash, while philosophy teacher Alex shocks everyone by turning up dressed as the controversial comedian Joan Rivers.

Sadly for Jess, her soggy souffles don’t go unnoticed by PhD student Kin, and retired teacher Lyn is less than impressed with her salmon souffle. With her food turning out to be a bit of a disaster, can Jess do enough to lift the atmosphere and entertain her guests?

Prod/Dir: Charley Bennett; Series Editor: Henry Hainault; Series Producers: Zinia Scroggs, Emma Ford; Prod Co: ITV Studios

Airdate: Wednesday 17 November 2021 at 5.30pm on Channel 4.