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Come Dine With Me: Oxford Day 4 (Channel 4 Thurs 18 Nov)



It’s night four from Oxford and fundraiser Monica is taking her guests on a culinary world tour adventure.

Sadly, philosophy teacher Alex can no longer take part in the competition, so business radio DJ, Ben has stepped up to take his spot. But from the moment Ben walks in and claims he’s going to win the thousand-pound prize, tensions rise.

Kitchen designer Jess is blown away by Monica’s food, but PhD student Kin is disappointed there’s not more spice, but Ben certainly adds some when he accuses retired teacher Lyn of not being very interesting. Will Monica be able to keep her night under control and her guests happy with so much tension?

Prod/Dir: Charley Bennett; Series Editor: Henry Hainault; Series Producers: Zinia Scroggs, Emma Ford; Prod Co: ITV Studios

Airdate: Thursday 18 November 2021 at 5.30pm on Channel 4.