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Conviction: Black Orchid (ABC 8 Jan 2017, with Patrick Breen)



Conviction Black Orchid

In Black Orchid, while Hayes and Wallace struggle to balance their professional and personal lives, they are summoned to a crime scene that fits the M.O. of the infamous “Black Orchid Killer.”

Is the latest murder the work of a copycat? Or is the man now in prison for the earlier crimes actually innocent? As the investigation accelerates, the CIU team, spearheaded by unlikely serial-killer expert Tess, closes in on a suspect who may have committed all the murders – but will it be too late?

Cast: Hayley Atwell as Hayes Morrison, Eddie Cahill as Conner Wallace, Shawn Ashmore as Sam Spencer, Merrin Dungey as Maxine Bohen, Emily Kinney as Tess Larson, Manny Montana as Franklin “Frankie” Cruz and Daniel Franzese as Jackson Morrison.

Guest Cast: Patrick Breen as Clark Sims, Berto Colon as Detective Nick Cestero, Shawn Parson as Joe Kaplan and Elena Shaddow as May Defranco.

Black Orchid was written by Samantha Corbin-Miller & Steve Lichtman and directed by Metin Huseyin.

Series: Conviction Season 1 Episode 11
Airdate: Sunday 8 January 2017 at 10.00pm on ABC