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Coogan’s Run: Dearth of a Salesman (S1EP2 BBC2 25 Nov 1995, John Shrapnel)



Dearth of a Salesman: Gareth Cheeseman’s mind is a bomb, nothing can stand in his way. In the coporate jungle he is – truly – a tiger. With only three days of the Microsell ’95 conference to clinch the deal that will elevate him to the Diamond club of supersalesman, hard-selling Gareth will do anything – truly – to pull the big one…. Believe it.

Regular Cast: Steve Coogan (Gareth Cheeseman / Tim Fleck / Mike Crystal / Pauline Calf)

Guest Cast: Richard Lumsden (Alun Crown), Bernard Wrigley (Tony the Receptionist), Georgia Mitchell (Ruth Cole), Gaynor Faye (The Prostitute), John Shrapnel (Douglas Crown), Jennifer Luckraft (The Maid), Richard Cubison (Bert Reynolds), Roger Morlidge (The Drunk Executive), David Royle (The Gay Executive), Philip Martin Brown (Sergeant Cromwell)

Writers: Graham Linehan and Arthur Mathews / Additional material by Steve Coogan and Henry Normal/ Director: Geoff Posner

Airdate: 25 Nov 1995 on BBC2

Series: Coogan’s Run Season 1 Episode 2

Show Info: Six half hour comedies based around the inhabitants of the town of Little Ottle, all starring Steve Coogan.