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Coogan’s Run: Handyman for All Seasons (S1EP3 BBC2 1 Dec 1995, Adrian Scarborough)



Handyman for All Seasons: It’s the 1960s and whether it be a slow-running clock, a broken church-door, or even a steel-coated anchorpin, local Ottle handyman Ernest Moss can fix it and have it running “tickety-boo” in no time. He and his faithful sidekick Robin run a simple handyman service for the people of Ottle. But Ernest is a tad concerned when slimy property developer Francis Burgoyne and his sultry partner Valerie come to town, offering to develop Ottle into a new, state-of-the-art housing community. Ernest is not afraid of the future, and is well aware that by 1980 everyone will have their own personal hovercraft, but he doesn’t trust Burgoyne one bit. However Ernest is having his own problems, as everything he puts back together lately seems to be falling apart. Is Ernest really learning his marbles or is there more to Burgoyne’s houses of the future than meets the eye?

Regular Cast: Steve Coogan (Ernest Moss / Pete Calf)

Guest Cast: John Thomson (Robin Moss), Philip Martin Brown (Police Constable Ted Cromwell), Jack Klaff (Francis Burgoyne), Louise Delamere (Valerie Thorne), Felicity Montagu (Florence Mullinger), Deddie Davies (Post Office Barbara), Adrian Scarborough (Councillor Hillary Crabbe), Derek Howard (Reverend Dowd), Geoffrey Leesley (Brian The Landlord), Henry Normal (Harry Moss), Brian Matthew (Voice Only)

Writer: Written by Steve Coogan and Henry Normal / Director: Geoff Posner

Airdate: 1 Dec 1995 on BBC2

Series: Coogan’s Run Season 1 Episode 3

Show Info: Six half hour comedies based around the inhabitants of the town of Little Ottle, all starring Steve Coogan.