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Coogan’s Run: Natural Born Quizzers (S1EP5 BBC2 15 Dec 1995, )



Natural Born Quizzers: The mad trivia obsessed Crump brothers, Stuart and Guy went to a remand centre in 1975 after losing a childrens quiz show, which compelled them to burn the TV studio down, killing one of the twin siters who won the quiz show. Twenty years later, they kidnapped their therapist while he was suffering from piles and escaped from jail. They then got the surviving sister from the quiz show, Cathy Briggs who is a policewoman and threatened to detonate a bomb unless they could reconstruct the quiz show on live TV from a multi-storey car park which is where the studios once stood. They drove to the house of the quiz show host, Jeremy Monkhead only to find out that he had undergone a sex change operation and was now Jenny Monkhead [so to speak.] The show was re-staged successfully and it ended with Guy contemplating a life with Cathy.

Regular Cast: Steve Coogan (Guy Crump / Gareth Cheeseman / Mike Crystal)

Guest Cast: Patrick Marber (Stuart Crump), Oliver Ford Davies (Doctor Phillips), Malcolm Raeburn (Inspector Lunch), Rebecca Front (Woman Police Constable Cathy Briggs / Claire Briggs), Duncan Preston (Jeremy/Angela Monkhead), Jim Carter (Fraser), Peter Waddington (Joke Shop Owner), Rosie Cavaliero (Sally Ordish), Marian McLoughlin (Mrs Fraser), Teresa Banham (Debs)

Writers: Patrick Marber and David Tyler / Additional material by Henry Normal and Steve Coogan / Director: Geoff Posner

Airdate: 15 Dec 1995 on BBC2

Series: Coogan’s Run Season 1 Episode 5

Show Info: Six half hour comedies based around the inhabitants of the town of Little Ottle, all starring Steve Coogan.