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Coogan’s Run: Thursday Night Fever (S1EP4 BBC2 8 Dec 1995, Teresa Banham)



Thursday Night Fever: Mike Crystal is an all-round performer at a cabaret club. He wants his own night, but his boss won’t give it to him. In order to get a better slot, he invents an alter-ego- tough Cockney agent Clint Stallone. He gets himself in a mes, however when the boss sends someone to get photographs of Clint doing something incriminating. He is photographed with his own girlfriend, but dressed as Clint. Mike is informed off this and he stupidly arranges a fight to take place at the office of said boss. He shouts at himself and smashes a window, claiming that Clint ran off. Mike gets a job releasing a new record by the Wurzels, who are at a ceremony presented by Mike. He pre-recorded a tape of Clint, claiming that he was dying of cancer.

Regular Cast: Steve Coogan (Mike Crystal / Paul Calf)

Guest Cast: Teresa Banham (Debs), Graham Fellows (Clement Woods), Stephen Marcus (Gerald the Sumo Magician), Louis Hammond (The Animal Trainer), Peter Corey (Olive Hardy), Barry Wood (Stan Laurel), John Phythian (Mr Memory), Sean McKenzie (Curtains), Graham Walker (The Mike Crystal Band), Alan Rogers (The Mike Crystal Band), Paul Townsend (The Mike Crystal Band), The Wurzels (Themselves)

Writers: Graham Linehan, Arthur Mathews and Geoffrey Perkins / Additional material by Henry Normal and Steve Coogan / Director: Geoff Posner

Airdate: 8 Dec 1995 on BBC2

Series: Coogan’s Run Season 1 Episode 4

Show Info: Six half hour comedies based around the inhabitants of the town of Little Ottle, all starring Steve Coogan.