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Coronation Street (EP 1143 ITV 3 Jan 1972, Mollie Sugden, David Davies)



Coronation Street ITV 1972

In the first Coronation Street of 1972 Elsie has to face up to the gossip mongers at the rover revealing to Ken that Alan has left her, whilst Annie meets her prince in the shape of a dance invite from Lt Cmdr Gerald Prince.

Bet has been having a fling with footballer Eddie but in this episode he reveals that he is being transferred to Torquay United. He wants Bet to go with him but she makes it clear she won’t be.

So many of the great names of the show present and correct in this one. Mollie Sudgen plays Nellie Harvey who in this episode is more than put out that Annie is after Gerald Prince – she’s rather keen on him herself. She made occasional appearances as Nellie between 1965 and 1976.

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 3 January 1972 at 7.30pm

Series: Coronation Street Episode 1143

Writer: Tony Perrin

Doris Speed as Annie Walker
Patricia Phoenix as Elsie Tanner
Alan Browning as Alan Howard
Irene Sutcliffe as Maggie Clegg
Jean Alexander as Hilda Ogden
Bernard Youens as Stan Ogden
Betty Driver as Betty Turpin
Julie Goodyear as Bet Lynch
Graham Haberfield as Jerry Booth
Eileen Derbyshire as Emily Nugent
Stella Moray as Kitty Stonely
Kenneth Farrington as Billy Walker
David Davies as Lt Cmdr Gerald Prince
Mavis Rogerson as Edna Gee
Lynn Perrie as Ivy Tilsley
Jennifer Moss as Lucille Hewitt