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Countryfile “Flash: The UK’s Highest Village in Winter” (BBC One Sunday 22 January 2023)




Countryfile airs a new episode tonight Sunday 22 January 2023 on BBC One.

“Flash: The UK’s Highest Village in Winter” It’s been 60 years since the Big Freeze, one of the coldest winters on record, when the sea froze and rural settlements were isolated by blizzards and towering snowdrifts. Flash is the UK’s highest settlement, so Anita Rani and Joe Crowley decided to visit to learn more about the locals’ preparations for the next cold season. They learn what the upcoming winter climate will be like as well.

Joe learns the secrets of seaweed in the local brewery, while Anita decodes the history of Flash, from hidden buttons to a thriving business in counterfeit money. Tom Heap reports from the Isle of Eigg, where residents aren’t waiting for the government to help them advance, but are instead making strides in the right direction on their own. Adam Henson unveils a new insulating product for chimney flues.

Airdate: Sunday 22 January 2023 at 6.00pm on BBC One.

Featured Image Credit: BBC One