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Coyote Peterson’s Wild Field Trip Premieres Wed 8 Dec on YouTube



You name the environment and Coyote Peterson has been there, encountering an amazing variety of animal species around the world.

In this thrilling new series, young fans of the Brave Wilderness YouTube channel (19.6 million subscribers) will get the chance to explore a wide range of unique and diverse ecosystems full of animals, adventure, education, and most of all, fun.

In each episode, Coyote will guide a young wildlife enthusiast on a field trip that will become the adventure of a lifetime, visiting animal sanctuaries, islands, aquariums and even an alligator farm. Throughout the series, Coyote and his young friends will get unprecedented access to interact with bizarre, cute and creepy animal species, getting up close and personal with alligators, wolves, snakes, sharks, scorpions, stingrays and way more!

“Coyote Peterson’s Wild Field Trip” is produced by Brave Wilderness.

Airdate: Wed 8 December 2021 on YouTube.