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Crank Yankers: Tiffany Haddish, Desus & Mero & Jimmy Kimmel (S7EP1 Comedy Central Wed July 6, 2022)



Tiffany Haddish, Desus & Mero & Jimmy Kimmel: Elmer wants to use his late wife’s obituary to help him find love, a woman devises a plan to get space from a coworker, and a cornhole enthusiast discusses how the game has changed his life.

Airdate: Wed July 6, 2022 at 20:00 on Comedy Central

Season 7 Episode 1

Crank Yankers is an American television show produced by Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel and Daniel Kellison that featured actual crank calls made by show regulars and celebrity guests, and re-enacted onscreen by puppets for a visual aid to show the viewer what is happening in the call. The show premiered in 2002 on Comedy Central and returned to MTV2 on February 9, 2007, running again until March 30, 2007.

Yankerville, a twisted town inhabited solely by puppets, is the setting for re-creations of actual crank phone calls. Comics and celebrities — a list that includes people such as rapper Eminem and comics Sarah Silverman, Wanda Sykes and Drew Carey — make the calls. Among the regular pranksters are show creators Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla. Characters featured on the show on a regular basis include Special Ed, Elmer and Bobby Fletcher. The show originated on Comedy Central but new episodes aired for a time on MTV2.