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Cribb: Abracadaver (S1EP2 ITV 20 Apr 1980, Wendy Holloway)



Abracadaver: Cribb and Thackery try to discover who is trying to sabotage a series of music hall acts.

With:- WENDY HOLLOWAY as Lola Pinkus / VALERIE HOLLOWAY as Bella Pinkus / DEREK TANSLEY as Buckmaster / BILLY WARD as Knife thrower / CHUBBY OATES as Chairman / JULIA CHAMBERS as Ellen Blake / IAN COLLIER as Albert / PEGGYANN CLIFFORD as Albert’s Mother / ANTHONY PEDLEY as Major Chick / ROBERT KINGSWELL as PC Salt / JEROLD WELLS as PC Battree / PATSY ROWLANDS as Mrs Body

WRITER: Bill Macilwraith
DIRECTOR: Julian Aymes

Airdate: 20 April 1980

Season 1, Episode 2