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Cribb: Invitation to a Dynamite Party (S2EP6 ITV 10 May 1981, Jeananne Crowley)



Invitation to a Dynamite Party: With London being beset by ‘Dynamiters’ (bombing terrorists) Cribb has to infiltrate the gang responsible.

With:- JAMES TAYLOR as Colonel Martin / ANTONY SCOTT as Malone / DAVID SIERNE as Carter / CHARLES KEATING as Devlin / JEANANNE CROWLEY as Roseanne McGee / TONY SCANNELL as Millar / DERRY POWER as Carse / COLIN BEAN as Police Constable / TOMMY BRIERLEY as McGee

WRITER: Arden Winch
DIRECTOR: Alan Grint

Airdate: 10 May 1981

Season 2, Episode 6