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Crime of Passion: Helene (ITV 23 Mar 1970, Rosalie Crutchley)



In Helene Maitre Saval has to defend the young lover of renowned middle aged singer Helene Jeygu.

Rosalie Crutchley was quite a high profile actress at the time having just appeared in the BBC’s hugely popular drama The Six Wives of Henry VIII, in that she played Catharine Parr.

Michael Mackenzie also appeared, he also was making a name for himself at the time with a starring role in cult children’s classic Ace of Wands.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 23 March 1970 at 8.30pm

Writer: Ted Willis / Production Design: Bryan Holgate, Michael Eve / Director: Gareth Davies

Series: Crime of Passion Season 1 Episode 2

Rosalie Crutchley as Helene Jeygu
Anthony Newlands as President of Court
John Phillips as Maitre Lacan
Daniel Moynihan as Maitre Saval
Tom Marshall as Phillipe
Dorothea Rundle as Mathilde
Donald Hewlett as Georges Romerio
John Glyn-Jones as Maitre Dupont
Michael Mackenzie as Robert Velin
Corinna Marlowe as Nurse
Michael Guest as Floor manager
Desmond Cullum-Jones as Clerk