Crime Traveller: Jeff Slade and the Loop of Infinity (S1EP1 BBC One 1 Mar 1997, Fiona Curzon)



Jeff Slade and the Loop of Infinity: Jeff Slade is a detective who is in trouble with his boss when a stakeout goes wrong. His partner, Holly Turner, is on-hand to help him out. Her methods, however, are unusual (to say the least!) and involve a time machine.

Regular Cast: Michael French (Jeff Slade), Chloe Annett (Holly Turner), Sue Johnston (Grisham), Paul Trussell (Morris), Richard Dempsey (Nicky), Bob Goody (Danny), Jack Carr (Philip Mercer),

Guest Cast: Fiona Curzon (Barbara Lombard), Gresby Nash (Michael Lombard), Terrence Hardiman, Leonard Preston, Trevor Steedman, Siôn Tudor Owen, Rebecca Deren, Phil Atkinson, Ronald Nunnery

Writer: Anthony Horowitz / Director: Brian Farnham

Airdate: 1 Mar 1997 on BBC One

Series: Crime Traveller Season 1 Episode 1

Show Info: Detective Jeff Slade discovers his colleague, forensic scientist Holly Turner, has a time machine (that can only go back 24 hours), together the pair use it to solve crimes.

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