Crime Traveller: Sins of the Father (S1EP5 BBC One 29 Mar 1997, Christopher Ellison)



Sins of the Father: Slade is framed for stealing diamonds, and it’s suspiciously like a similar incident which had happened to Slade’s father, Jack, nearly five years ago. With the help of Turner and her time machine is he able to prove that both Jack and himself are innocent.

Regular Cast: Michael French (Jeff Slade), Chloe Annett (Holly Turner), Sue Johnston (Grisham), Paul Trussell (Morris), Richard Dempsey (Nicky), Bob Goody (Danny), Jack Carr (Philip Mercer),

Guest Cast: Christopher Ellison (Jack Slade), Ray Lonnen (Gareth Oldroyd), Stephen Greif (Leonard Gebler), Michael Browning, Phil Smeeton, Rupert Farley, Simon Melia, Alina Proctor

Writer: Anthony Horowitz / Director: Rick Stroud

Airdate: 29 Mar 1997 on BBC One

Series: Crime Traveller Season 1 Episode 5

Show Info: Detective Jeff Slade discovers his colleague, forensic scientist Holly Turner, has a time machine (that can only go back 24 hours), together the pair use it to solve crimes.

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