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The Cruise: Sailing The Mediterranean Season 2 Episode 3 (ITV 26 Jan 2017)



The Cruise: Sailing The Mediterranean

Hugh Bonneville narrates the second series of the documentary series The Cruise: Sailing The Mediterranean following life on board the Royal Princess for the crew of 1,400 who live and work on her.

In this third episode, which airs Thursday 26 Jan at 8.30pm on ITV, executive chef David McDonald is on the warpath after receiving a complaint about the afternoon teas, and hauls the pastry team into his office for a severe dressing down.

Throwing down the gauntlet to the head of pastry Ruel, he offers him the chance to redeem himself by creating three unique new desserts for the menu.

It is a big risk for Ruel, whose job is on the line if he fails to impress. Galley assistant Nico has set his hopes on a job on the front desk, but has he done enough to secure this new position in a more glamorous part of the ship? New 25-year-old bridge officer Lauren faces a series of tests as she is left in charge of mooring the 330-metre-long ship in a port designed to take much smaller vessels.

Launching one of the ship’s tender boats – and having to drop it seven decks into the water below with a driver on board – proves a huge responsibility for Lauren. Hotel services engineer Scott is dealing with a flood from one of the ornamental marble fountains in the busiest area of the ship, and has only a few hours to fix it before passengers start to return from their excursions.

The Cruise: Sailing The Mediterranean Season 2 Episode 3 airs on Thursday 26 January 2017 from 8.30pm-9.00pm on ITV



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