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Cuffs Episode 2 (BBC-1 4 Nov 2015 with Shaun Dooley)



AIRDATE: Wednesday 4 November 2015 at 8.00pm on BBC One

Season One Episode 2

Cast: Ashley Walters, Shaun Dooley

An eccentric drug dealer who’s evaded the clutches of the law is finally in Jo’s sights, but his esoteric musings prompt her to consider her life choices. Elsewhere, Jake is left humiliated when he makes a spectacular rookie error on Brighton pier, and his mentor Ryan is forced to swallow his own bitter pill when he makes a rare, and embarrassing, mistake himself.

Across the city, a suspicious death in a B&B leads to personal difficulties for Carl, and Lino’s dwindling fitness levels are beginning to cause tensions with his action-loving partner, Donna. But it is an elderly farmer’s wife who is the victim of a distraction burglary which leads to devastating consequences for the entire team.



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