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Dad’s Army: The Bullet is not for Firing (S3EP4 BBC-1 2 Oct 1969, Harold Bennett)



Picture of Dad's Army The Bullet is not for Firing.

The Bullet is not for Firing: When a low flying German aircraft. attacks Warmington On Sea. the platoon under the command of Lance Cpl Jones, fire at the aircraft, and use up all their ammunition. Mainwaring is furious, and orders an investigation.

Cast: Arthur Lowe (Captain George Mainwaring), John Le Mesurier (Sergeant Arthur Wilson), Clive Dunn (Lance Corporal Jack Jones), John Laurie (Private James Frazer), Arnold Ridley (Private Charles Godfrey), Ian Lavender (Private Frank Pike), James Beck (Private Joe Walker), Janet Davies (Mrs Pike), Frank Williams (Vicar), Edward Sinclair (Verger), Harold Bennett (Mr Blewitt), Tim Barrett, Michael Knowles, May Warden, Fred Tomlinson, Kate Forge, Eilidh McNab, Andrew Daye, Arthur Lewis

Original Airdate: 2 Oct 1969 on BBC-1
Series: Dad’s Army Season 3 Episode 4