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Dad’s Army: The Captain’s Car (S7EP5 BBC-1 12 Dec 1974, Donald Morley)



The Captain’s Car: Lady Maltby offers her Rolls Royce to Capt Mainwaring for use as his staff car. After the car has been disguised with camouflage paint, it has to be repainted black, because the Mayor’s car has run out of petrol, and there no official car to greet a visiting V.I.P.

Cast: Arthur Lowe (Captain George Mainwaring), John Le Mesurier (Sergeant Arthur Wilson), Clive Dunn (Lance Corporal Jack Jones), John Laurie (Private James Frazer), Arnold Ridley (Private Charles Godfrey), Ian Lavender (Private Frank Pike), Bill Pertwee (Chief Warden Hodges), Edward Sinclair (Verger), Talfryn Thomas (Private Cheeseman), Frank Williams (Vicar), Robert Raglan (Colonel), Eric Longworth, Fred McNaughton, Mavis Pugh, John Hart Dyke, Donald Morley

Original Airdate: 12 Dec 1974 on BBC-1
Series: Dad’s Army Season 7 Episode 5