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Dad’s Army: The Lion Has Phones (S3EP3 BBC-1 25 Sep 1969, Avril Angers)



The Lion Has Phones: Capt Mainwaring teaches the platoon the tactical use of the phone system when a German plane crashes into the towns reservoir. Because Mainwaring and Wilson cannot decide what to do it is left to Walker to come up with a plan to make the Germans surrender.

Cast: Arthur Lowe (Captain George Mainwaring), John Le Mesurier (Sergeant Arthur Wilson), Clive Dunn (Lance Corporal Jack Jones), John Laurie (Private James Frazer), Arnold Ridley (Private Charles Godfrey), Ian Lavender (Private Frank Pike), James Beck (Private Joe Walker), Janet Davies (Mrs Pike), Bill Pertwee (Chief Warden), Pamela Cundell (Mrs Fox), Avril Angers, Timothy Carlton, Bernadette Milnes, Olive Mercer, Linda James, Stanley McGeagh, Gilda Perry, Richard Jacques, Colin Daniels, Carson Green

Original Airdate: 25 Sep 1969 on BBC-1
Series: Dad’s Army Season 3 Episode 3