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Dad’s Army: The Miser’s Hoard (S9EP4 BBC-1 28 Oct 1977, Fulton Mackay)



The Miser’s Hoard: Frazer is busy counting up his earnings when his doctor visits and accidentally knocks over a money box revealing that Frazer is far from poor.

Concerned, the doctor alerts Mainwaring, who alerts Jones and very soon Frazer’s fortune is the subject of town gossip. Eventually the platoon, Hodges, the Vicar and the Verger are spying on Frazer to see what he does with his money. Will they get their hands on it, or does Frazer have a sneaky trick up his sleeve?

Cast: Arthur Lowe (Captain George Mainwaring), John Le Mesurier (Sergeant Arthur Wilson), Clive Dunn (Lance Corporal Jack Jones), John Laurie (Private James Frazer), Arnold Ridley (Private Charles Godfrey), Ian Lavender (Private Frank Pike), Bill Pertwee (Chief Warden Hodges), Colin Bean (Private Sponge), Fulton Mackay

Original Airdate: 28 Oct 1977 on BBC-1
Series: Dad’s Army Season 9 Episode 4