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Dancing on the Edge: Episode 5 (S1EP5 BBC Two 25 Feb 2013, Carla Mendonça)



Episode 5: Louis can no longer hide out at the Music Express Office so Stanley takes him to a suburban flat to escape the manhunt. He is to wait until nightfall, whilst Stanley goes to find his passport as they plan hisescape out of the country. Stanley returns to the Imperial Hotel, to find that it’s reputation has been badly affected by the murder there. Masterson takes over the new Music Express magazine, and surprises Stanley by announcing he has offered a large reward for the capture of Louis Lester.

Regular Cast: Joanna Vanderham (Pamela), Wunmi Mosaku (Carla), Mel Smith (Schlesinger), John Goodman (Masterson), Janet Montgomery (Sarah), Allan Corduner (Mr. Wax), Jenna Coleman (Rosie), Anthony Stewart Head (Donaldson), Angel Coulby (Jessie), Tom Hughes (Julian), Matthew Goode (Stanley Mitchell), Chiwetel Ejiofor (Louis Lester), Ariyon Bakare (Wesley Holt), Caroline Quentin (Deirdre),

Guest Cast:
Miles Richardson as Harry Thornton
Sam Hoare as Eric
Calvin A. Dean as Young Man
Gerard Horan as Gunson
Jane Asher as Mrs. Luscombe
Carla Mendonça as Ballet Teacher
David Dawson as Horton
Isabella Blake-Thomas as Emily

Writer and Director: Stephen Poliakoff

Airdate: 25 Feb 2013 on BBC Two Two

Series: Dancing on the Edge Season 1 Episode 5

Show Info: A five part BBC drama set in the 1930s following a black jazz band in London at a time of huge change.