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Dangerfield: A Patient’s Secret (S1EP3 BBC One 10 Feb 1995, George Irving)



A Patient’s Secret: Paul Dangerfield promises to keep a deadly secret – for 24 hours. Stephen Millwood, an old patient of Paul’s, is accused of committing arson to claim the insurance money to support his family. Arrested for murder and arson, Stephen tells Paul that he admitted to the crime that his wife Angie really committed. Stephen tells Paul he has AIDS but his first concern is his daughter Sophie, who is about to take an important exam. He persuades Dangerfield to speak to an unconvinced Ken Jackson to get him bail so he can return home. Meanwhile, concerned father Mr Heath brings his daughter Clare to the surgery and demands that she is seen immediately. Later, at school, Clare collapses and is rushed to hospital, where her pregnancy is revealed but the foetus is in the wrong place. She insists her father is not told the truth but it could spell trouble for the practice, when Mr Heath threatens to sue. As Paul, Al and Kate enjoy a game of armed combat, Marty packs a bag and leaves home, feeli

Regular Cast: Nigel Le Vaillant (Doctor Paul Dangerfield), Amanda Redman (Joanna Stevens), Sean Maguire (Marty Dangerfield), Lisa Faulkner (Alison Dangerfield), George Irving (Detective Inspector Ken Jackson), Nadim Sawalha (Shaaban Hamada), Bill Wallis (Nick Mackenzie), Kim Vithana (Kate Durrani), Tracy Gillman (Detective Constable Nicky Green)

Guest Cast: Jim Carter, Marion Bailey, Lollie May, Chris Rowe, Richard Hawley, Kate Godfrey, Lisa Spicer, Catherine Terris, Roderick Smith, Mo Sesay, Eleanor Martin, Barry Woolgar

Writer: Don Shaw / Director: Jan Sargent

Airdate: 10 Feb 1995 on BBC One

Series: Dangerfield Season 1 Episode 3

Show Info: Dangerfield told of the cases of a busy police surgeon.