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Dangerfield: Diminished Responsibility (S6EP8 BBC One 22 Oct 1999, Rachel Fielding)



Diminished Responsibility: Dr Jonathan Paige finds himself caught up in a conflict of interests during a murder trial when the accused reveals that Paige was once his GP. DC Monk is surprised by the sudden appearance of a girl he met on holiday.

Regular Cast: Nigel Havers (Doctor Jonathan Paige), Nicola Cowper (Detective Sergeant Helen Diamond), Roderick Smith (Sergeant Keith Lardner), Jane Gurnett (Detective Inspector Gillian Cramer), Ian Gain (Detective Constable Gary Monk), Julian Kay (Police Constable Tom Allen)

Guest Cast: Idris Elba (Matt Gregory), Thomas Wheatley, Rachel Fielding, Sonya Walger

Writer: Peter Palliser / Director: Brett Fallis

Airdate: 22 Oct 1999 on BBC One

Series: Dangerfield Season 6 Episode 8

Show Info: Dangerfield told of the cases of a busy police surgeon.