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Dangerfield: Double Helix (S5EP12 BBC One 18 Dec 1998, Frances White)



Double Helix: Continues from the last episode, in which DC Joe Christian was killed and DI Gillian Cramer was shot and wounded. While Gillian hovers between life and death, Dr Paige tries hard to look pleased when his girlfriend Beth tells him she’s moving and will be living closer to him, but she’s beginning to suspect that his heart lies with Gillian. While DI Gillian Cramer undergoes emergency operations, Dr Paige is called out to confirm the death of a young hitch-hiker, a case which turns out to be linked with a murder investigation headed by DS Diamond.

Regular Cast: Nigel Havers (Doctor Jonathan Paige), Nicola Cowper (Detective Sergeant Helen Diamond), Roderick Smith (Sergeant Keith Lardner), Jane Gurnett (Detective Inspector Gillian Cramer), Ian Gain (Detective Constable Gary Monk), Julian Kay (Police Constable Tom Allen)

Guest Cast: Lynsey Baxter, Frances White, Ken Bones, John Phythian, Anna Nygh

Writer: Peter Palliser / Director: Jim Shields

Airdate: 18 Dec 1998 on BBC One

Series: Dangerfield Season 5 Episode 12

Show Info: Dangerfield told of the cases of a busy police surgeon.