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Dangerfield: Gas Man (S6EP1 BBC One 3 Sep 1999, Idris Elba)



Gas Man: Dr Jonathan Paige and Sgt Diamond are nearby when a gas explosion happens in the middle of Warwickshire. They’re on their war to see Inspector Gillian Cramer pick up an award for bravery. After being shot she’s back on duty but tender things remain unsaid between Gillian and Jonathan. How long will this last and are they right for each other? The new cockney forensics man, Matt Gregory, is on the prowl. The main case centres around the explosion and Clive Daniels, a sinister computer nerd. Paige and Diamond are on their way to DI Cramer’s commendation ceremony in London when an explosion disrupts their journey. A forensic scientist is called in to investigate, and tensions arise between him and Paige, although it soon becomes clear that a computer is controlling events in Warwickshire.

Regular Cast: Nigel Havers (Doctor Jonathan Paige), Nicola Cowper (Detective Sergeant Helen Diamond), Roderick Smith (Sergeant Keith Lardner), Jane Gurnett (Detective Inspector Gillian Cramer), Ian Gain (Detective Constable Gary Monk), Julian Kay (Police Constable Tom Allen)

Guest Cast: Idris Elba (Matt Gregory), Tim Dantay, Ken Drury, Tam Dean Burn, Lennox Greaves, Billy McColl

Writer: Stuart Morris / Director: Jim Shields

Airdate: 3 Sep 1999 on BBC One

Series: Dangerfield Season 6 Episode 1

Show Info: Dangerfield told of the cases of a busy police surgeon.