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Dangerfield: Harvest Time (S5EP11 BBC One 27 Nov 1998, Miles Anderson)



Harvest Time: Violent events at a supposedly ‘safe-house’ where a lone gunman has infiltrated, leaves one police officer dead as he attempts to kill a protected witness. He then blasts DI Gillian Cramer but can Dr Jonathan Paige save her? Dr Paige and DI Cramer are called out to assist Pc Lyle when a small-time crook-turned-super grass whom the police have been guarding causes a commotion.

Regular Cast: Nigel Havers (Doctor Jonathan Paige), Nicola Cowper (Detective Sergeant Helen Diamond), Roderick Smith (Sergeant Keith Lardner), Jane Gurnett (Detective Inspector Gillian Cramer), Ian Gain (Detective Constable Gary Monk), Julian Kay (Police Constable Tom Allen)

Guest Cast: Lynsey Baxter, Miles Anderson, Steve Toussaint, Gideon Turner

Writer: Matthew Bardsley / Director: Jim Shields

Airdate: 27 Nov 1998 on BBC One

Series: Dangerfield Season 5 Episode 11

Show Info: Dangerfield told of the cases of a busy police surgeon.