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Dangerfield: The Accidental Shooting (S1EP2 BBC One 3 Feb 1995, Sean Maguire)



The Accidental Shooting: Paul’s son Marty gets caught up in an accidental shooting which results in the death of local farmer Hilton. Matters are further complicated when Joanna misdiagnoses the Keen’s colicky baby whose father, mentally ill Roger, is the man who worked for the deceased Hilton and whom DI Jackson suspects of the killing. Later, Paul and Ken Jackson are furious when they learn of Marty’s involvement in the accidental shooting because Roger Keen is clearly volatile and mentally unstable. Whilst in police custody, Roger’s baby son is rushed to hospital and is taken to see him. Back at the police station he has a relapse and is committed again, despite being cleared of murder. Paul returns home to confront Marty and in the heated row that follows, Marty blames him for killing his mother Celia! Joanna calls round and has a go at Dangerfield for getting involved in the baby case and refuses his invitation for a drink to talk about it.

Regular Cast: Nigel Le Vaillant (Doctor Paul Dangerfield), Amanda Redman (Joanna Stevens), Sean Maguire (Marty Dangerfield), Lisa Faulkner (Alison Dangerfield), George Irving (Detective Inspector Ken Jackson), Nadim Sawalha (Shaaban Hamada), Bill Wallis (Nick Mackenzie), Kim Vithana (Kate Durrani), Tracy Gillman (Detective Constable Nicky Green)

Guest Cast: Malcolm Storry, Marian McLoughlin, Siobhan Burke, Che Walker, Garfield Morgan, Audrey Tom, Michael Maguire, Catherine Terris, Mo Sesay, Roderick Smith, Ona McCracken

Writer: Don Shaw / Director: Jan Sargent

Airdate: 3 Feb 1995 on BBC One

Series: Dangerfield Season 1 Episode 2

Show Info: Dangerfield told of the cases of a busy police surgeon.