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Dangerfield: Victim of Rape Part 2 (S1EP5 BBC One 24 Feb 1995, Orla Brady)



Victim of Rape Part 2: The second part of a two-part tale. Diane Foster, the suspected rape victim, has been attacked again and Dangerfield is called back to the hospital to re-examine her. DI Ken Jackson is convinced that David Walsh committed the crime and Paul is called to court to give evidence. Unfortunately his girlfriend Kate Durrani is acting as solicitor for Walsh – and Dangerfield realises, in time, that he has made an ethical error which puts his relationship with Kate, and the case as a whole, at risk.

Regular Cast: Nigel Le Vaillant (Doctor Paul Dangerfield), Amanda Redman (Joanna Stevens), Sean Maguire (Marty Dangerfield), Lisa Faulkner (Alison Dangerfield), George Irving (Detective Inspector Ken Jackson), Nadim Sawalha (Shaaban Hamada), Bill Wallis (Nick Mackenzie), Kim Vithana (Kate Durrani), Tracy Gillman (Detective Constable Nicky Green)

Guest Cast: Orla Brady, Brendan Coyle, Oscar Pearce, Michelle Butterly, Catherine Terris, Roderick Smith, Tim Munro

Writer: Don Shaw / Director: Diana Patrick

Airdate: 24 Feb 1995 on BBC One

Series: Dangerfield Season 1 Episode 5

Show Info: Dangerfield told of the cases of a busy police surgeon.