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Daniel Deronda: Part Two (S1EP2 BBC One 30 Nov 2002, Greta Scacchi)



Part Two: Daniel continues looking for Mirah’s family and meets a man who could be her brother called Ezra Cohen. Grandcourt tells Gwen lies about Daniel in order to get her to think badly of him.

Regular Cast: Hugh Dancy (Daniel Deronda), Romola Garai (Gwendolen Harleth), Hugh Bonneville (Mr Grandcourt), Jodhi May (Mirah Lapidoth), Edward Fox (Sir Hugo Mallinger), Greta Scacchi (Lydia Glasher), Amanda Root (Mrs Davilow), David Bamber (Lush), Allan Corduner (Herr Klesmer), Celia Imrie (Mrs Meyrick), Jamie Bamber (Hans Meyrick), Anna Steel (Catherine Arrowpoint), Nicholas Day (Lord Brackenshaw), Georgie Glen (Lady Mallinger), Michael Elwyn (Mr Arrowpoint), Delia Lindsay (Mrs Arrowpoint), Nickolas Grace (Vandenoodt), Joe Starrs (Young Henleigh), Kate Maberly (Kate Meyrick), Lisa Jackson (Mab Meyrick), Serena Martin (Phoebe Meyrick), Gillian Maguire (Bertha Davilow), Anna Popplewell (Fanny Davilow), Anna Maguire (Isobel Davilow)

Guest Cast: Daniel Evans, Simon Schatzberger, Diana Brooks, Lesley Stratton, Sarah Marks, Daniel Marks, Jane How

Writer: Andrew Davies / Director: Tom Hooper

Airdate: 30 Nov 2002 on BBC One

Series: Daniel Deronda Season 1 Episode 2

Show Info: Period drama based on the novel by George Eliot. The story of idealistic Daniel Deronda, who rescues a young Jewish girl from drowning then sets about helping her find her family and in so doing discovers the truth of his own roots.