Dateline NBC Secrets of the Snake Farm (NBC Friday March 24, 2023)



Dateline NBC

Today Friday March 24, 2023, there is a new episode of Dateline NBC.

Secrets of the Snake Farm The murder of Ben Renick, a world-renowned snake breeder, who was found shot to death in a facility filled with thousands of snakes, is the subject of a new Dateline report featuring an interview with the lead investigator.

REPORTED BY: Andrea Canning

INTERVIEWS WITH: Corporal Devin Foust, Lynlee Renick, family members, first responders, and more.

WHERE: New Florence, Missouri

Airdate: Friday March 24, 2023 at 21:00 on NBC

Season 2023 Episode 11

Dateline NBC presents in-depth coverage of news stories. Rather than just reading news reports, as most news shows do, the reporters for this show research their subjects and interview the people closely involved to create an informative work of investigative journalism.

Featured image credit: NBC

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