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Dateline: The Curious Case of Sherri Papini (S30EP23 NBC Fri April 22, 2022)




The Curious Case of Sherri Papini: When California mother Sherri Papini suddenly reappears three weeks after vanishing from her home, she alleges she had been kidnapped. In Friday’s all-new Dateline NBC, the Shasta County detectives who cracked the case reveal new details about the investigation, shedding light on the latest chapter in a case that captivated the nation.

Two hours.

REPORTED BY: Keith Morrison

INTERVIEWS WITH: Shasta County Sheriff’s Detectives Kyle Wallace and Brian Jackson, Shasta County Sheriff Michael Johnson, Founder of Nor-Cal Alliance For The Missing Trudy Nickens and others.

WHERE: Redding, California

Airdate: Fri April 22 2022 at 9.00pm on NBC.

Season 30 Episode 23

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