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Death In Paradise Season 6 Episode 3 (BBC-1 19 Jan 2017, with Sally Bretton)



Death In Paradise Season 6 Episode 3

In the third episode of the sixth season of Death In Paradise Humphrey and Martha’s romantic weekend retreat to a remote island is cut short when Charlie Taylor is found dead in his room at Hotel Cecile.

With a stab wound to the abdomen, his watch and wallet missing and the windows broken, it appears to be a case of an interrupted robbery. But since the flower beds and trellis directly below the room’s balcony are undisturbed, Humphrey is certain that one of Charlie’s associates played a part in his death.

Having a direct view of the only staircase leading upstairs and witnessing all the suspects’ whereabouts himself, Humphrey finds himself stuck in the middle of his own murder investigation. With all the suspects, including Charlie’s brother Elliot, having a rock-solid alibi in Humphrey, how could anyone have evaded Humphrey’s eye in order to kill Charlie?

Meanwhile, JP is worried that the honeymoon period between him and Rosie is coming to an end and seeks relationship advice from Dwayne.

Our picture shows Martha played by Sally Bretton.

Death In Paradise Season 6 Episode 3 (of 8) airs on Thursday 19 January 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC One.



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