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Department S: A Cellar Full of Silence (S1EP3 Tues 23 Sep 1969, with Edward Brayshaw)



A Cellar Full of Silence: LOCATION: London, England DATE: June 20th

Four men dressed in various costumes are gunned down in a cellar. The gun of one had been fired, the bullet turning up in the body of a man found in the trunk of a submerged car. Stewart pays a call on a crime broker to see who hired the men and how the crimes relate to a house in St. John’s Woods, where a woman is being kept sedated because she thought she saw four men wearing disguises committing a robbery in the house.

Peter Wyngarde as Jason King
Joel Fabiani as Stewart Sullivan
Rosemary Nicols as Annabelle Hurst
Dennis Alaba Peters as Sir Curtis Seretse
Paul Whitsun-Jones as Martin Kyle
Denise Buckley as Libby Spear
Robin Hawdon as Walter Pally
Brandon Brady as Tronson
Edward Brayshaw as Vic Kent
Brian Oulton as Doctor Davis
Frank Forsyth as Norman Fowler
Jack Arrow as Board Member (uncredited)
Walter Henry as Board Member (uncredited)
Eric Kent as Crane Operator (uncredited)

Director: John Gilling
Writer: Terry Nation

Airdate: Tuesday 23 September 1969

Season 1, Episode 3



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