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Department S: The Man in the Elegant Room (S1EP6 ITV Tues 14 Oct 1969, with Stratford Johns)



The Man in the Elegant Room: LOCATION: Islington, London, England DATE: May 12th A real estate agent, taking a man to see a warehouse, discovers a room constructed inside the warehouse. Worse, a dead body and a babbling man are locked inside the room. Stewart tries to interrogate the man, but he is killed before anything can be made of his babbling.

Peter Wyngarde as Jason King
Joel Fabiani as Stewart Sullivan
Rosemary Nicols as Annabelle Hurst
Dennis Alaba Peters as Sir Curtis Seretse
Stratford Johns as Paul Trenton
Toby Robins as Selina Trenton
John Hallam as Doug Martin
Juliet Harmer as Trish
Clive Colin Bowler as Danny Terrill
Michael Robbins as Burton
Frank Gatliff as Police Inspector
Peter Reynolds as Steven Radlett
Martin Boddey as Harry Finch
Anne Blake as Professor Bryant
Peter Brett as Secretary to Seretse

Director: Cyril Frankel
Writer: Terry Nation

Airdate: Tuesday 14 October 1969 on ITV.

Season 1, Episode 6



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