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Destination Fear: Cresson Sanatorium and Prison, Part One (Friday November 25, 2022 Travel Channel)



Destination Fear

Today Friday November 25, 2022 the show Destination Fear airs an episode called Cresson Sanatorium and Prison, Part One on Travel Channel.

Cresson Sanatorium and Prison, Part One

At a dilapidated sanitarium in a rural area of Pennsylvania, the team must deal with a triple threat. If a child spirit and a ghostly mimic aren’t enough to frighten the crew, Dakota Laden has a sinister experiment up his sleeve to heighten the tension at this ominous location.

Airdate and Episode Count

Friday November 25, 2022 at 21:00 on Travel Channel

Season 4 Episode 1

Show Info

Maverick paranormal explorer Dakota Laden takes his sister, Chelsea, and best friend, Tanner, across the country in an RV to spend the night in the most haunted locations in America, testing the limits of human fear.

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