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Detective School (ABC Sitcom, James Gregory, Randolph Mantooth)



Short lived summer sitcom Detective School detailed the misadventures of the students who attend Nick Hannigan’s (James Gregory) night school for would be private detectives. The gang often found the skills they were learning being used in cases in the real world.

Cast: JAMES GREGORY as Nick Hannigan / RANDOLPH MANTOOTH as Eddie Dawkins / LA WANDA PAGE as Charlene Jenkins / JO ANN HARRIS as Teresa Cleary / MELINDA NAUD as Maggie Ferguson / PAT PROFT as Leo Frick / DOUGLAS V. FOWLEY as Robert Redford / TAYLOR NEGRON as Silvio Galindez

Creators: Jeff Harris, Bernie Kukoff

USA / ABC / x25 minute episodes / Broadcast 31 July – 24 November 1979