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Dick Turpin: Blood Money (S2EP3 ITV 1 Mar 1980, with Michael Culver)



Blood Money: Sir John Glutton is wanted for High Treason against King George. Nevertheleess he returns from France to his estate Rookham where he has letters that state the identity of many other traitors. In order to get the reward of 100 guineas Turpin and Swiftnick operate in the area.

guest cast
Christopher Benjamin (Sir John Glutton), Michael Deeks (Swiftnick), Alfie Bass (Isaac Rag), Michael Culver (Colonel de Courcey), Howard Bell (Countryman), Sandy Sinclair (Dragoon Sargeant), Ian Hurley (First Dragoon)

Writer:Richard Carpenter
Director: Gerry Poulson

Airdate: 1 March 1980 on ITV.

Season 2 Episode 3

Series: Dick Turpin