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Dick Turpin: Dick Turpin’s Greatest Adventure (1) (S3EP1 ITV 16 May 1981, with Mary Crosby)



Dick Turpin’s Greatest Adventure (1): In the year 1740 in the British-American province Maryland Governor Appleyard rules as a tyrant. He makes Noll Bridger shoot Samuel Harding who barely escapes alive. Unable to travel to England he is forced to let his daughter Jane go there with there with some dangerous papers that could topple the Governor. Noll Bridger has Jane’s confidence and accompanies her when she has arived in England. Dick Turpin robs Lord and Lady Melford, but later Dick Turpin makes love to Lady Melford and gives a necklace.

guest cast
Patrick Macnee (Lord Melford), Susan Hampshire (Lady Melford), Mary Crosby (Jane Harding), Ed Bishop (Sam Harding), Jerry Harte (Dr. Simmons), Oliver Tobias (Noll Bridger), Matt Zimmerman (Cawston), Wilfrid Hyde-White (Governor Appleyard), Patrick Ryecart (Fytton), Michael Deeks (Swiftnick), Alfie Bass (Isaac Rag), George Innes (Smith), George Downing (Ned)

Writer: Richard Carpenter
Director: Gerry Poulson

Airdate: 16 May 1981 on ITV.

Season 3 Episode 1

Series: Dick Turpin