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Dick Turpin: Dick Turpin’s Greatest Adventure (2) (S3EP2 ITV 23 May 1981, with Roy Kinnear)



Dick Turpin’s Greatest Adventure (2): Jane Harding wades into Turpin and Swiftnick, and she shows both urge and ability to steal a horse. Turpin and Swiftnick follow her traces to a boxing hall in Bristol.

guest cast
George Innes (Smith), Mary Crosby (Jane Harding), Peter Diamond (1st Prize Fighter), Michael Deeks (Swiftnick), Terry Paris (2nd Prize Fighter), Oliver Tobias (Noll Bridger), Roy Kinnear (Jem Clanton), Frank Lee (Referee), Billy Dean (Tom Cook), Clive Curtis (Saul)

Writer: Richard Carpenter
Director: Gerry Poulson

Airdate: 23 May 1981 on ITV.

Season 3 Episode 2

Series: Dick Turpin