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Dick Turpin: Dick Turpin’s Greatest Adventure (4) (S3EP4 ITV 6 Jun 1981, with Donald Pleasence)



Dick Turpin’s Greatest Adventure (4): A lot of knights of Santa Catherine dressed in hoods like later Ku Klux fanatics in USA overwhelms Turpin, Swiftnick and Jane Harding. A bizarre trial led by their power-mad leader Ignatius Slake judges Turpin to be bound to a wheel of fire which is sent rolling through the landscape.

In his youth Turpin was taken away by soldiers to become a soldier himself abroad. When he returned home about 3 years later, his parents had lost the farm, and they were starving.

guest cast
Mary Crosby (Jane Harding), Michael Deeks (Swiftnick), Donald Pleasence (Ignatius Slake), Patrick Ryecart (Fytton), Oliver Tobias (Noll Bridger), Alfie Bass (Isaac Rag), Diana Dors (Mrs. Buskin)

Writer:Richard Carpenter
Director: Gerry Poulson

Airdate: 6 June 1981 on ITV.

Season 3 Episode 4

Series: Dick Turpin